911R Tailights

Here's how I wired up my 911R taillights. First, acquire some wiring of the correct color from a VW bug or bus in the junkyard.

The light assemblies themselves can be sourced from TRE MotorSports (Tell 'em Thom sent ya!)

Cut a two strips of each of these colors of wire between 3 and 4 inches long. I didn't have any of the gray/orange wire for the reverse lights, so I substituted some grey with a thin black band. Note there are two brown (ground) wires - each bulb assembly gets it's own ground. Using the same colors as the 911 harness makes it much easier to hook these up, even for someone unfamiliar with 911 wiring.

Solder a male connector on one end of each wire, and simply tin the opposite end. On the ground (brown) wires, solder a ring terminal on the opposite end.
Black/Yellow stripeBrake
Black/White stripeTurn Signal
Gray/Red stripeRunning Light
Gray/Brown stripeBackup Light

Thread the tinned end through the grommet and attach as shown here. Don't over-torque the screw-terminals - they're fragile!

The wiring shown in the pic is wrong: attach the gray/red wire to the fatter bulb on the top; otherwise your lights come out like the oopsie! below.

Pop-rivet the ground wire via the ring terminal.

Bulb assemblies ready to install in housings

Installation is straightforward; you might need longer screws to make it easier to get the lenses on - I did. Don't force anything!

Install an O-ring around each assembly. I didn't use the rings that came with mine; I sourced smaller-diameter versions from the local hardware store which gave a much tighter fit.

I use a sharpened center punch to create the holes, rather than a drill. This leaves more metal for the screw to bite into.

Hook up the wires... I siamesed the ground from the car with two female connectors. I also used heat shrink tubing to help seal the connection; in hindsight, electrical tape is simpler and much easer to deal with when you need to remove the light.

Ooopsie! - I have the brake and running lights inverted.

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