Fiberglass 911 Cab Hardtop Installation

(this is a work in-progress)
Before we begin, I would like to establish some expectations. Due to the nature of these cars, composites, and the inherent complexities of the cab top in general, it is unrealistic to expect it to bolt right on out of the crat and away-we-go. Every single car is slightly different straight from the factory, and certain parts are built so the fit can be adjusted on the car. Examples are doors, hoods and engine lids. The OEM convertible top is the same way; the original top is adjustable in several different ways: Each time the factory top is removed, the entire adjustment process must be repeated.

When installing the fiberglass hardtop, the initial adjustments are done by making small physical alterations to the top, ie sanding or filing small amounts of material to get the desired fit. Once the initial installation is done, you can remove and replace the top without having to go through the entire routine again.

Installing this hardtop requires a mild level of mechanical and bodywork expertise. It requires a skillset similar to that required to install fiberglass quarterpanels - you will need to be able to trim material and properly guage the fit of the part. It is strongly recommended that the installation be carried out by a shop that's familar with working with composites.

Other parts you will need to source
There are a few things that you will need to find in order to complete your hardtop install
If you are doing the work yourself, you will need some basic automotive and bodywork tools.
Installation High-level Overview
Part numbers:
DescriptionPart NumberComments
Targa Top Side Seal, 911 (1974-89) 911 565 259 40 (left)
911 565 260 40 (right)
Cabriolet Vertical Door Window to Top Seal, rear, 911 (1983-85) 911 561 221 01 (left)
911 561 222 01 (right)
You can also use the outer sections of the Targa bar seal 911 565 091 45
Latches and handles - up through 1985
DescriptionPart NumberComments
Targa Top Catch (sold per each, 2 required), 911 (1974-85) 911 565 031 41 For pre-1986 cars
Targa Top Handle, 'Updated Version' 911 (1967-85) 911 565 075 41 2 required
Latches and handles - 1986 and later
DescriptionPart NumberComments
Targa Top Catch, 911 (1986-89) 964 565 031 00 (left)
964 565 032 00 (right)
For 1986 and later cars
Targa - Cabriolet Top Handle, 911 (1986-89) 911 565 075 62 For 1986 and later cars, 2 required